Monday, October 16, 2017

Makeup is my vice! Whats yours?

I am a person that is constantly nervous, stressed, and anxious so for me to find something that relaxed me is extremely important. Years ago I found that buying makeup relaxes me, a lot... It's not just the buying aspect of it, it's about being in the store, swatching it, looking at all the colors and textures, it's odd but it calms me down... I don't really put on the makeup which is something I'm trying to change so that at least I have a rational reason to why I buy it and  It has also been an expensive vice lol I've bought limited edition eye shadow pallets and lipsticks mostly, foundation I'm not that fond of but I've bought two... I figure mostly everyone has a vice and as long as that vice makes your life better even for an hour it's not so bad to have it...

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


In the past months I have been considering being a YouTuber.... No I am not as beautiful as some on there or as talented but I feel like neither are most who watch... Let's be real, not all of us put on the makeup looks they share! Yes they are talented as hell but no I am not about to wear all glitter everything to my job or to the grocery store! Lol and if you do props cause I don't have the guts to! Lol
Most of us watch them for entertainment and to just see the magic of makeup happen but I couldn't do half the looks they do... And no I do not own anything morphe related! I feel like it's such a mini commercial every time they do use almost Everything morphe... E.L.F can be just as good and cheaper... E.L.F brushes might not be high end but they do the job! And for someone who has to choose between ordering makeup online or buying her meds it's pretty easy which one wins! Lol
I do want to join YouTube but I am extremely shy and self conscious about everything and I know if someone who doesn't know me bullies me I'll probably carry that with me for a long time...
I am doing a pros and cons list and so far the cons are winning... 😔
Idk maybe I'll just do makeup looks and share them here... Looks that you can actually wear and not feel all extra and out of place if you're like me....
I'll give it some more thought....

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Makeup not yet used....

We all buy makeup either by our own choice or by the slight instigation by a YouTuber and then not use it.... I am completely and utterly one of those makeup lovers... I have the ABH Renaissance palette and to this day have not used it.... I also have the lorac pro mega 2 and it's just been slightly swatched lol I know it's a sin! Lmao But life has made it hard for me to have time to be creative and use these colors the way they are supposed to be used... But lately I've been trying to use them more but I just can't find enough time or the right occasion, or to be honest I'm just lazy that day! Lol I wanted to buy the peach palette but I can't see myself using it! I can't be OK with buying new makeup when I have new makeup at home that is not being used, I would just add on to the pile! Lol I will try to get more in the mood more and use those palettes once life slows down a bit because red lipstick does always give me life so I guess I'll start there! Lol

Monday, August 29, 2016

YouTube morning routine videos...

I've been seeing a lot of "My morning routine" videos and in my point of view the always have some type of fakeness ..... Ain't no one that happy in the morning! I guess I just want to see a blog style morning routine video, maybe that way they'll include things people actually do and feel like in the morning.... I guess some videos need more realness than editing, like leave all the crazy "nasty" things in there because most of us probably do the same and it would make them seem more like us people who don't have a YouTube channel! Lol Maybe it's just me but that would be a video I could actually relate to and give a thumbs up! Lol

Friday, August 26, 2016

August Beauty Favorite!!!!

What can I say?! My August favorite has got to be the Sephora Color Switch by Vera Mona!!! It's a round flat black sponge that you can use to take the color of any brush! I can't tell you how much this was needed in the life of makeup lovers! Buying two or three of the same brushes just so that you don't get two colors on the same brush and mess up your look! This works by you just swirling your brush on it and the color is gone and you can just rinse it out let it dry and keep using it to swatch out colors! It's so simple but yet so genius just like the beauty blender one day you don't think you need it and when you have it you wonder how you ever lived without it!!! Lmao
The price is $18, two dollars cheaper than a beauty blender.... You can find it in the section where the brushes/tools are.... Try it out and if you don't love it you can always return it! :)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sleepless Nights.....

Sometimes those sleepless nights hit, sometimes all the problems, all the unknowns just hit you and then the stress comes, the anxiety too.... Sometimes nothing can fix it.... You just wish you could fix it or figure out the result or answer, but unfortunately that's not how life works, sometimes you just have to hope for the best and if the your best doesn't happen well then try to make the best out of what did.... Nights like these are the nights where it's only you and your thoughts and those thoughts can send everything into overdrive and sometimes not for the best... Just know that you're not alone that somewhere out there there are people going thru similar struggles and that what ever happens it could be worst depending on your attitude torwards it..... just know that It will all be ok.....

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Impulse purchase of makeup I dont really need!

So recently I went to Ulta (of course!) And I purchased the matte liquid eye liner from NYX and I have no idea why .... I don't even like liquid eye liner! Lol wait I know why! It was because I saw a YouTuber raving about it and it made me think "Well if they like it I might too!" Completely putting to the side the fact that I have more eye liners than I'll ever need! Point is, YouTubers are great! But the fact that I'm on a budget and still go out of my way things they recommend is not a good strategy! I was also about to purchase the Laura Geller French vanilla highlight for the same reasons and it was like $42 and I don't even wear highlight on a daily basis! I'm oily and it's already hard enough controlling that shine, why would I want to add more?! Lol Good thing I cought myself and put it back.... Makeup is amazing I love it but we buy things we will truly never finish before the expiration date or don't really have a use for.... This time I kinda caught myself I don't know if next time I'll be able to resist the temptation of beautiful brand new makeup! But for now Ulta and Sephora are on my no-go store list! Lol