Monday, December 4, 2017

Re-using older forgotten makeup

So I am gonna start every Monday using a makeup item that has been left to collect dust in my drawer.... This week it's going to be the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under eye concealer in the shade Tan... I remember loving this concealer because it was truly amazing at covering my dark circles... It is more of a tacky finish concealer which is why it NEEDS to be set with a powder and I'm ok with doing that... I do notice that I need to shake it before using it the first time around because I haven't used it in a while and liquids tend to separate if not used regularly... I'm very much looking forward to using it again.... :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

YouTube Drama...

I personally watch YouTube to get away from it all, from my life problems, from drama in my own life so I don't like it when I watch YouTube and I get the just what I'm trying to stay away from for a while... I don't know if the whole thing with Manny, Jeffrey, and Laura, and Jacklyn is true and to be honest I don't care... These are suck first world problems and problems that I don't feel like listening to... I am just trying to get my daily dose of beauty videos and come back to my life and deal with my own crap... suddenly I feel like we've made YouTube influencers the new reality stars and I truly don't know why... Yes I am ok with them sharing a little about their life but then again I don't get mad or take it personal when they don't want to cause they really don't have to... people need to stop making them uncomfortable for keeping their private life private cause I know for damn sure those same people don't wanna put their business out there for everyone to talk about... I just need YouTube to go back to how it used to be... Simple and to the point... Is that too much to ask nowadays?!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Nightime routine...

I've learned over the years that a routine can't be 100% effective unless you stick to it; which I was never able to do but now I'm REALLY trying! Lol so here goes my own adapted and revised night time routine...
1. Take a shower, cause my hair and scalp are oily and I NEED to be clean in order to sleep comfortably! Lol
2. Brush my teeth. I use Colgate sensitive toothpaste, Listerine, and ACT fluoride (the one that says restore).
3. I use Clinique all about eyes; eye cream.
4. Exfoliate my lips using E.L.F lip exfoliator.
5. I have a tiny jar of vitamin E oil and tea tree oil mixed and I apply it to the edges of my lips using a Q-Tip. ( I get bumps around my lips if I wax or shave and this helps with that)
6. I have another tiny jar of vitamin E oil and olive oil mixed and I use this all over my nails and then rub what's left it into my hands. (It promotes nail growth)
7. I apply Milani moisture lock lemon oil infused lip treatment after the vitamin E oil and tea tree oil have sinked into my skin.
8. I apply Eucerin intensive repair to the rest of my body for that moisture my skin stays needing in this cold...

Yes I understand it's a lot of steps but the way I see it is that if I don't do this now later on it'll be pointless plus it's part of my "ME" Time and I pass the time hole watching YouTube or Netflix so it doesn't seem that long... And most of the stuff I use are pretty cheap except the Clinique eye cream which is like $30 but compared to some that are $70 or $80 it seems reasonable lol

Monday, November 6, 2017

Love of makeup vs. a battle for self confidence!

I will be the first to admit how much I love makeup and how beautiful it all is but at the same time I struggled with my self confidence in a daily basis.... I have this internal fight with myself because I wanna put on the makeup but at the same time I don't want that to take away from my daily battle with being more confident in my own skin... I want to be ok with the aspects of myself that I critique and others have as well and I don't want to hide them with makeup... I want to be able to love myself fully before I start going in with the makeup.... I want to look myself in the mirror and be ok with all the flaws I see .... I've been told makeup could make my confidence better but I don't want to rely on it either.... It's a constant battle I want to win and will win....

Monday, October 16, 2017

Makeup is my vice! Whats yours?

I am a person that is constantly nervous, stressed, and anxious so for me to find something that relaxed me is extremely important. Years ago I found that buying makeup relaxes me, a lot... It's not just the buying aspect of it, it's about being in the store, swatching it, looking at all the colors and textures, it's odd but it calms me down... I don't really put on the makeup which is something I'm trying to change so that at least I have a rational reason to why I buy it and  It has also been an expensive vice lol I've bought limited edition eye shadow pallets and lipsticks mostly, foundation I'm not that fond of but I've bought two... I figure mostly everyone has a vice and as long as that vice makes your life better even for an hour it's not so bad to have it...

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


In the past months I have been considering being a YouTuber.... No I am not as beautiful as some on there or as talented but I feel like neither are most who watch... Let's be real, not all of us put on the makeup looks they share! Yes they are talented as hell but no I am not about to wear all glitter everything to my job or to the grocery store! Lol and if you do props cause I don't have the guts to! Lol
Most of us watch them for entertainment and to just see the magic of makeup happen but I couldn't do half the looks they do... And no I do not own anything morphe related! I feel like it's such a mini commercial every time they do use almost Everything morphe... E.L.F can be just as good and cheaper... E.L.F brushes might not be high end but they do the job! And for someone who has to choose between ordering makeup online or buying her meds it's pretty easy which one wins! Lol
I do want to join YouTube but I am extremely shy and self conscious about everything and I know if someone who doesn't know me bullies me I'll probably carry that with me for a long time...
I am doing a pros and cons list and so far the cons are winning... 😔
Idk maybe I'll just do makeup looks and share them here... Looks that you can actually wear and not feel all extra and out of place if you're like me....
I'll give it some more thought....

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Makeup not yet used....

We all buy makeup either by our own choice or by the slight instigation by a YouTuber and then not use it.... I am completely and utterly one of those makeup lovers... I have the ABH Renaissance palette and to this day have not used it.... I also have the lorac pro mega 2 and it's just been slightly swatched lol I know it's a sin! Lmao But life has made it hard for me to have time to be creative and use these colors the way they are supposed to be used... But lately I've been trying to use them more but I just can't find enough time or the right occasion, or to be honest I'm just lazy that day! Lol I wanted to buy the peach palette but I can't see myself using it! I can't be OK with buying new makeup when I have new makeup at home that is not being used, I would just add on to the pile! Lol I will try to get more in the mood more and use those palettes once life slows down a bit because red lipstick does always give me life so I guess I'll start there! Lol