Thursday, May 18, 2017

I didn't live thru the original Watergate, but I might live thru Watergate 2.0

Living in a 24hr cycle news era can be very helpful when you try to figure out where each station stands in the Trump crisis.... CNN tried to give Trump the benefit of the doubt and was proven wrong rather quickly....  MSNBC never liked Trump, never gave him a chance, warned us all against him and were kinda right all along and we stand corrected... FOX NEWS always loved Trump, I mean he was Regan reincarnated to them (Regan was a great man who I admire), always defended him and is now trying their true hardest to defend all the crazy shit going on.... I mean yeah he (Trump) has been going from crisis to crisis but then again most of them were because he refused to follow the "this is what we are going to say" memo (lol, Comey is too smart) .... He has no one to blame for what he's going thru right now but himself... And I'm still waiting for Sean Spicer (press secretary) to quit because he seems like a truly nice person that has been given the job to defend a man who refuses to be quiet and not say too much ... It's like Dude jump out the Titanic before it sinks with you in it!! It's like do these people not want a life/job after this administration because they have got to know that their reputations are taking a major hit.... At this point we are sitting here waiting for the F.B.I to uncover and thing that has been covered up and to also tell us if the man (Trump) is innocent cause right now one of those things seems more likely than the other....

Friday, March 17, 2017

We're not all built for marriage and it's​ Ok....

I have been thinking a lot about if I want to get married or not... No I am not close to being married or being proposed to but for some reason this has been on my mind... I am a very loving person but I am not one to put up with someones attitude at all! Lol And I'm not saying he would make me snap on the daily but I know myself and know that after a few times I might want to sign those divorce papers. I am also not one to clean after others, to be patient, and to take care of someone (make their meals, wash their clothes, put away those clothes) and have it in some way not be good enough... I am Mexican and me not wanting to be married is a huge difference to what the stereotypical Mexican woman wants... It's like we're not all alike! Lol
And a big reason as to why I know I shouldn't get married is because I'm epileptic, I rely on meds daily, almost 1,000 mg a day and I know that for a baby I would have to get off the meds or have a low dose, well on both I would end up having a seizure and a mother having a seizure would be like a stroke to a fetus.... And I could never live with myself if I went on a lower dose of kept taking the meds as normal and have the fetus get birth defects.... And having said that I know that most men want kids, they want a continuation to their blood line so to speak and I know I can't give that to most men.... So I am starting to accept and live with my reality.....

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Real life problems....

I get it, most of us watch YouTube to "get away" from daily life problems at least for those few minutes but sometimes not even YouTube helps... I'm a Capricorn and Capricorns hate change or even the slightest hint that something can or will change... We like to feel at ease and safe... I myself are OCD and hate change of any kind... Lately I've been pondering the though of moving, of leaving the country I love (U.S.A) to go to my country of origin (Mexico)... Don't get me wrong I love Mexico, I love my culture, my language, my food! Lol but I was raised here, this is what I know and are familiar to but then again I refused to have my parents live in fear.... I refuse for them to feel the uncertainty every time they walk out the door... I have DACA and as of right now I am safe but all of that could end at any moment.... We are all on limbo... A limbo we walk every time we go do the jobs no one wants to do and get paid below minimum wage while doing them... All I'm asking for is compassion and for you to try for one second to put yourself in our situation cause I think sometimes people forget that we are human too.....

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


In the past months I have been considering being a YouTuber.... No I am not as beautiful as some on there or as talented but I feel like neither are most who watch... Let's be real, not all of us put on the makeup looks they share! Yes they are talented as hell but no I am not about to wear all glitter everything to my job or to the grocery store! Lol and if you do props cause I don't have the guts to! Lol
Most of us watch them for entertainment and to just see the magic of makeup happen but I couldn't do half the looks they do... And no I do not own anything morphe related! I feel like it's such a mini commercial every time they do use almost Everything morphe... E.L.F can be just as good and cheaper... E.L.F brushes might not be high end but they do the job! And for someone who has to choose between ordering makeup online or buying her meds it's pretty easy which one wins! Lol
I do want to join YouTube but I am extremely shy and self conscious about everything and I know if someone who doesn't know me bullies me I'll probably carry that with me for a long time...
I am doing a pros and cons list and so far the cons are winning... 😔
Idk maybe I'll just do makeup looks and share them here... Looks that you can actually wear and not feel all extra and out of place if you're like me....
I'll give it some more thought....

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New immigration memorandums

Yes I am an immigrant on the U.S and yes I am afraid.
I am afraid of my future in the country I love.
In the country where I cry when I hear the national anthem being played.
In the country where I love having four seasons.
In the country where I am free to express myself.
In the country where I am not judged by my disability.
In the country that I call home.
In the country where I work hard because my parents taught me that's what we have to do to achieve the American Dream.
In the country where I have all my friends.
The country I'll miss and cry for if I am made to leave it behind....

Made my first Colour Pop purchase

I feel like I'm the last one in this bandwagon but to be honest the way the YouTube's would describe this eye shadow would truly kinda scare me a little cause the way they were describing the consistency was that of a Maybelline color tattoo and I love them but they are truly some what of a base for powder eye shadows or at least that's kinda how I use them so I always ignored the colour Pop craze but today I took the plunge, a $30 plunge to be exact cause that free shipping gets all of us! Lol I'm excited to try it out and see how they work... But I feel like my almost no experience with doing great make up will be a disadvantage with those shadows but I will still try .... I also need to use more vivid colors because I'm truly a neutral eye shadow lover and that limits me a lot so I need to expand my horizons lol
If any one had a great pallet that could help me out in that department I would highly appreciate your input!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Makeup not yet used....

We all buy makeup either by our own choice or by the slight instigation by a YouTuber and then not use it.... I am completely and utterly one of those makeup lovers... I have the ABH Renaissance palette and to this day have not used it.... I also have the lorac pro mega 2 and it's just been slightly swatched lol I know it's a sin! Lmao But life has made it hard for me to have time to be creative and use these colors the way they are supposed to be used... But lately I've been trying to use them more but I just can't find enough time or the right occasion, or to be honest I'm just lazy that day! Lol I wanted to buy the peach palette but I can't see myself using it! I can't be OK with buying new makeup when I have new makeup at home that is not being used, I would just add on to the pile! Lol I will try to get more in the mood more and use those palettes once life slows down a bit because red lipstick does always give me life so I guess I'll start there! Lol