Monday, August 29, 2016

YouTube morning routine videos...

I've been seeing a lot of "My morning routine" videos and in my point of view the always have some type of fakeness ..... Ain't no one that happy in the morning! I guess I just want to see a blog style morning routine video, maybe that way they'll include things people actually do and feel like in the morning.... I guess some videos need more realness than editing, like leave all the crazy "nasty" things in there because most of us probably do the same and it would make them seem more like us people who don't have a YouTube channel! Lol Maybe it's just me but that would be a video I could actually relate to and give a thumbs up! Lol

Friday, August 26, 2016

August Beauty Favorite!!!!

What can I say?! My August favorite has got to be the Sephora Color Switch by Vera Mona!!! It's a round flat black sponge that you can use to take the color of any brush! I can't tell you how much this was needed in the life of makeup lovers! Buying two or three of the same brushes just so that you don't get two colors on the same brush and mess up your look! This works by you just swirling your brush on it and the color is gone and you can just rinse it out let it dry and keep using it to swatch out colors! It's so simple but yet so genius just like the beauty blender one day you don't think you need it and when you have it you wonder how you ever lived without it!!! Lmao
The price is $18, two dollars cheaper than a beauty blender.... You can find it in the section where the brushes/tools are.... Try it out and if you don't love it you can always return it! :)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sleepless Nights.....

Sometimes those sleepless nights hit, sometimes all the problems, all the unknowns just hit you and then the stress comes, the anxiety too.... Sometimes nothing can fix it.... You just wish you could fix it or figure out the result or answer, but unfortunately that's not how life works, sometimes you just have to hope for the best and if the your best doesn't happen well then try to make the best out of what did.... Nights like these are the nights where it's only you and your thoughts and those thoughts can send everything into overdrive and sometimes not for the best... Just know that you're not alone that somewhere out there there are people going thru similar struggles and that what ever happens it could be worst depending on your attitude torwards it..... just know that It will all be ok.....

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Impulse purchase of makeup I dont really need!

So recently I went to Ulta (of course!) And I purchased the matte liquid eye liner from NYX and I have no idea why .... I don't even like liquid eye liner! Lol wait I know why! It was because I saw a YouTuber raving about it and it made me think "Well if they like it I might too!" Completely putting to the side the fact that I have more eye liners than I'll ever need! Point is, YouTubers are great! But the fact that I'm on a budget and still go out of my way things they recommend is not a good strategy! I was also about to purchase the Laura Geller French vanilla highlight for the same reasons and it was like $42 and I don't even wear highlight on a daily basis! I'm oily and it's already hard enough controlling that shine, why would I want to add more?! Lol Good thing I cought myself and put it back.... Makeup is amazing I love it but we buy things we will truly never finish before the expiration date or don't really have a use for.... This time I kinda caught myself I don't know if next time I'll be able to resist the temptation of beautiful brand new makeup! But for now Ulta and Sephora are on my no-go store list! Lol

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New meds + Bad side effects = No Makeup

So I started new meds a couple of days ago.... They Suck!!.... being dizzy and sleepy all day is so not helpful when trying to tend to my garden and falling over...... I'm so glad these side effects only last a week cause if they were permanent I don't know an epileptic out there that would take them (well, maybe some would)...... also trying to do your makeup while on these meds is just not going to happen at all, might as well embrace the no makeup look for a while lol hopefully the next few days will be better!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lorac Pro Eye Shadow Palette!!!

One of the very first high end eye shadow palettes that I purchased was the Lorac Pro... I loved it, I truly did and specially the eye shadow called "Mauve".... But the bad thing about some of these palettes is that you quickly hit pan on an eye shadow you love and that's exactly what happened with me and "Mauve" I hit pan quicky because I would use it on my lid and then I would use the color "Taupe" and "Sable" combined in the crease and I always loved the outcome, but I always used "Mauve" more which is why I hit pan quickly! I also hated having a perfect palette where in one eye shadow you could see the pan underneath (OCD) lol, so I scraped some of the eye shadow off from the sides and mixed it with a little alcohol and covered the part that I had hit pan on! Lmao After that I searched for a color that would match that one and I've found some that were pretty close so I started using those instead..... I guess what I'm saying is that I wished most of these palettes came with replaceable eye shadow pans so that if you happened to finish some eye shadow pans you could go and purchase those pans instead of contemplating purchasing the entire palette again or going on the hunt for another that closely resembles them.... That would be so much easier for the consumer but it would not be as profitable for the companies which is probably why they haven't done it....

Saturday, April 23, 2016


My skin is not one to have a lot of problems. Like every teenager I used to get pimples but never to the point where I wanted to cover them and now that I'm in my 20s I don't get a lot if any. I also don't have redness, I do have extremely dark circles but that's due to my glasses and sometimes for not sleeping enough but I can cover them with concealer. Foundation has never been a part of makeup that facinates me, we all have a favorite category; either highlighter, bronzer, contouring, etc. Mine are eye shadows and lipsticks; I feel like those two make all the difference. You can skip a lot buy if you do some type of eye shadow or a good lipstick than you immediately look put together. Of course mascara and eye brows are a must if you do any type of makeup, those two make it or break it! Lol ... But today I tried to bring myself to buy more foundations but I just wasn't even excited about it, it seemed more like a chore than a joy! I only have two foundations; one is a perfect color match, the other is too dark for me so I mix that one with lotion and turn it into a BB cream (it has to get used!) Lol I'm more interested in good concealers but that's a blog for a mother day! :)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Started Exercising!!!

I've always been a thin girl so I never really thought about exercising but I recently went to the doctor and found out that even though I'm 118lbs I also had high cholesterol!! Many people think that because we don't gain weight it means that we don't get high cholesterol or sugar but we do and sometimes it's even worst for us because we have to get checked at least every year for it and our weight has nothing to do with it because for most people being somewhat overweight is a sign that you should get checked but not for us.... But anyway, I started exercising about 2 weeks ago, I also cut out sodas and potatoes chips and chocolate :( .... I started walking, riding my bike, doing squats and sit ups, at first the muscle pain was intense but that only lasted for about 2 days.... Squats are interesting because I've never had any kind of booty and slowly but surely I'm starting to see a little something lmao I just gotta remind myself that it's not about how I look but about how I feel and because my health is worth it! I don't skip any days because I know that if I skip a day I'll eventually stop exercising and I don't want to, I want to see this thru and be healthy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cant drink coffee?! Green tea might be better for you.....

Of course I'm like most of the population and love my Starbucks but it's very hard to drink Starbucks when you can't have caffeine... Of course I could ask for decaf but we all know they don't always prepare our coffee as we ask so for me it's very worrying due to my epilepsy.... Mixing epilepsy meds with caffeine is sure way to get a reaction wether it would be mild or severe.... So of course I started googling and found out that Green tea has caffeine but it's not as much as coffee and it also has antioxidants which we all know are good for you.... I don't drink it every day because caffeine is still caffeine no matter how much it has but ever since I've been drinking it I haven't gotten the cold or the flu and I believe it's detoxing my body which is good due to all the meds I have to take.... Of course there is no clear scientific proof but when I do drink it I don't get headaches (even though it has caffeine) and my enerdy levels are up... I make myself a bag of green tea every morning and I will find that I'm a little more energetic which is good because I'm so not a morning person.... Of course if you wanna try it and have a certain medical condition you should first ask your doctor and go from there! :D

Friday, April 15, 2016

Questions I have during YouTube beauty tutorials!!

Don't get me wrong, I love YouTube beauty tutorials, they give me ideas on what eye look to do or what colors look good with each other or sometimes I just see them to get an idea in a certain product But I can't help but wonder how they always pull off such a flawless look.... It takes me 2 different brushes to get my eyeliner to look "OK" and even then one wing doesn't match the other which makes my OCD go crazy! Lol I've watched what seems like every video to figure out a good technique but then again I can barely see out of one eye and I don't exactly have 20/20 vision which makes it extra difficult for me which is why sometimes I only go with the simple line lol..... And then there is the mascara! Oh dear the mascara!! It can possibly make or brake an eye look but then again having shaking hands doesn't really help....  Before putting on mascara I have to calm myself down, take a deep breath, and do it very slowly and hope that I have enough time to do all that and not be in a rush! Lol I have lost count of how many times I've had a great eye shadow look and then one small slip with the mascara ruins it! It's so frustrating!! Lol Not everyone who watches these tutorials are pro at it, I certainly am not! But I do try!! Lol