Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cant drink coffee?! Green tea might be better for you.....

Of course I'm like most of the population and love my Starbucks but it's very hard to drink Starbucks when you can't have caffeine... Of course I could ask for decaf but we all know they don't always prepare our coffee as we ask so for me it's very worrying due to my epilepsy.... Mixing epilepsy meds with caffeine is sure way to get a reaction wether it would be mild or severe.... So of course I started googling and found out that Green tea has caffeine but it's not as much as coffee and it also has antioxidants which we all know are good for you.... I don't drink it every day because caffeine is still caffeine no matter how much it has but ever since I've been drinking it I haven't gotten the cold or the flu and I believe it's detoxing my body which is good due to all the meds I have to take.... Of course there is no clear scientific proof but when I do drink it I don't get headaches (even though it has caffeine) and my enerdy levels are up... I make myself a bag of green tea every morning and I will find that I'm a little more energetic which is good because I'm so not a morning person.... Of course if you wanna try it and have a certain medical condition you should first ask your doctor and go from there! :D

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