Saturday, April 23, 2016


My skin is not one to have a lot of problems. Like every teenager I used to get pimples but never to the point where I wanted to cover them and now that I'm in my 20s I don't get a lot if any. I also don't have redness, I do have extremely dark circles but that's due to my glasses and sometimes for not sleeping enough but I can cover them with concealer. Foundation has never been a part of makeup that facinates me, we all have a favorite category; either highlighter, bronzer, contouring, etc. Mine are eye shadows and lipsticks; I feel like those two make all the difference. You can skip a lot buy if you do some type of eye shadow or a good lipstick than you immediately look put together. Of course mascara and eye brows are a must if you do any type of makeup, those two make it or break it! Lol ... But today I tried to bring myself to buy more foundations but I just wasn't even excited about it, it seemed more like a chore than a joy! I only have two foundations; one is a perfect color match, the other is too dark for me so I mix that one with lotion and turn it into a BB cream (it has to get used!) Lol I'm more interested in good concealers but that's a blog for a mother day! :)

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