Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lorac Pro Eye Shadow Palette!!!

One of the very first high end eye shadow palettes that I purchased was the Lorac Pro... I loved it, I truly did and specially the eye shadow called "Mauve".... But the bad thing about some of these palettes is that you quickly hit pan on an eye shadow you love and that's exactly what happened with me and "Mauve" I hit pan quicky because I would use it on my lid and then I would use the color "Taupe" and "Sable" combined in the crease and I always loved the outcome, but I always used "Mauve" more which is why I hit pan quickly! I also hated having a perfect palette where in one eye shadow you could see the pan underneath (OCD) lol, so I scraped some of the eye shadow off from the sides and mixed it with a little alcohol and covered the part that I had hit pan on! Lmao After that I searched for a color that would match that one and I've found some that were pretty close so I started using those instead..... I guess what I'm saying is that I wished most of these palettes came with replaceable eye shadow pans so that if you happened to finish some eye shadow pans you could go and purchase those pans instead of contemplating purchasing the entire palette again or going on the hunt for another that closely resembles them.... That would be so much easier for the consumer but it would not be as profitable for the companies which is probably why they haven't done it....

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