Friday, April 22, 2016

Started Exercising!!!

I've always been a thin girl so I never really thought about exercising but I recently went to the doctor and found out that even though I'm 118lbs I also had high cholesterol!! Many people think that because we don't gain weight it means that we don't get high cholesterol or sugar but we do and sometimes it's even worst for us because we have to get checked at least every year for it and our weight has nothing to do with it because for most people being somewhat overweight is a sign that you should get checked but not for us.... But anyway, I started exercising about 2 weeks ago, I also cut out sodas and potatoes chips and chocolate :( .... I started walking, riding my bike, doing squats and sit ups, at first the muscle pain was intense but that only lasted for about 2 days.... Squats are interesting because I've never had any kind of booty and slowly but surely I'm starting to see a little something lmao I just gotta remind myself that it's not about how I look but about how I feel and because my health is worth it! I don't skip any days because I know that if I skip a day I'll eventually stop exercising and I don't want to, I want to see this thru and be healthy!

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