Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Living with Epilepsy.....

Being an epileptic is not something I ever thought I would have to deal with! I already had so much teenager crap to deal with and then my brain decided it was too much! My epilepsy is possibly caused by stress, I can only handle so much of it.... And then there were the meds! All the pills they give and then take away to find the perfect combination to keep you seizure free, it's like trying different alcohols until you make the perfect cocktail lol.... We took a while to figure out my combination (having partials and gran mal at once didn't help either) but now that we've found it I haven't had a Gran Mal in almost a year! Partials I will always have but not as bad as before! I take what can get! Lol
But sometimes I really feel them, sometimes not even the meds help!
Migraines suck too which I got pills for but don't take as often because I already take too many milligrams and I don't wanna add more, I just deal with the pain until it goes away!
I finally got a job after so many applications, they say it's illegal to deny a job because of a disability but they still do it so for me to have this job even if I start out washing dishes is a great thing for me.... Idk hopefully I will also get my license too (if I stay seizure free) and be able to at least get to my appointments..... Lol I just have to have hope and always think positive!!! :)

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