Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Made my first Colour Pop purchase

I feel like I'm the last one in this bandwagon but to be honest the way the YouTube's would describe this eye shadow would truly kinda scare me a little cause the way they were describing the consistency was that of a Maybelline color tattoo and I love them but they are truly some what of a base for powder eye shadows or at least that's kinda how I use them so I always ignored the colour Pop craze but today I took the plunge, a $30 plunge to be exact cause that free shipping gets all of us! Lol I'm excited to try it out and see how they work... But I feel like my almost no experience with doing great make up will be a disadvantage with those shadows but I will still try .... I also need to use more vivid colors because I'm truly a neutral eye shadow lover and that limits me a lot so I need to expand my horizons lol
If any one had a great pallet that could help me out in that department I would highly appreciate your input!

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