Wednesday, March 8, 2017


In the past months I have been considering being a YouTuber.... No I am not as beautiful as some on there or as talented but I feel like neither are most who watch... Let's be real, not all of us put on the makeup looks they share! Yes they are talented as hell but no I am not about to wear all glitter everything to my job or to the grocery store! Lol and if you do props cause I don't have the guts to! Lol
Most of us watch them for entertainment and to just see the magic of makeup happen but I couldn't do half the looks they do... And no I do not own anything morphe related! I feel like it's such a mini commercial every time they do use almost Everything morphe... E.L.F can be just as good and cheaper... E.L.F brushes might not be high end but they do the job! And for someone who has to choose between ordering makeup online or buying her meds it's pretty easy which one wins! Lol
I do want to join YouTube but I am extremely shy and self conscious about everything and I know if someone who doesn't know me bullies me I'll probably carry that with me for a long time...
I am doing a pros and cons list and so far the cons are winning... 😔
Idk maybe I'll just do makeup looks and share them here... Looks that you can actually wear and not feel all extra and out of place if you're like me....
I'll give it some more thought....

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