Thursday, May 18, 2017

I didn't live thru the original Watergate, but I might live thru Watergate 2.0

Living in a 24hr cycle news era can be very helpful when you try to figure out where each station stands in the Trump crisis.... CNN tried to give Trump the benefit of the doubt and was proven wrong rather quickly....  MSNBC never liked Trump, never gave him a chance, warned us all against him and were kinda right all along and we stand corrected... FOX NEWS always loved Trump, I mean he was Regan reincarnated to them (Regan was a great man who I admire), always defended him and is now trying their true hardest to defend all the crazy shit going on.... I mean yeah he (Trump) has been going from crisis to crisis but then again most of them were because he refused to follow the "this is what we are going to say" memo (lol, Comey is too smart) .... He has no one to blame for what he's going thru right now but himself... And I'm still waiting for Sean Spicer (press secretary) to quit because he seems like a truly nice person that has been given the job to defend a man who refuses to be quiet and not say too much ... It's like Dude jump out the Titanic before it sinks with you in it!! It's like do these people not want a life/job after this administration because they have got to know that their reputations are taking a major hit.... At this point we are sitting here waiting for the F.B.I to uncover and thing that has been covered up and to also tell us if the man (Trump) is innocent cause right now one of those things seems more likely than the other....

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