Wednesday, October 8, 2014

no MAC?..... NO PROBLEM!! :)

every time I see youtube videos I see that they use a eyelid primer, which is perfectly normal and useful. once I bought a too faced eyelid primer that was $20, it was fine in the beginning but then it got liquidy..... which im pretty sure it wasn't supposed to happen. now I notice most of them use a MAC paint pot in soft ochre which is fine only that it costs $21.... im a makeup lover on a budget so that MAC product would be a NO. good thing is I found a commonly known dupe for it and its drugstore. the Maybelline color tattoos are probably my favorite eye shadows from the drugstore, they last a lonf time and have pretty colors, plus they aren't $21! they run around $7 to $8 depending where you go, I go to walmart, the drugtores seem to sell them more expensive. the color tattoo im referring to is the one from the leather collection and it is called "80 Creamy Beige". it is the same color as soft ochre from MAC. of course there are other cheap primers out there like the one from E.L.F but I need one that will cancel out the darkness on my lids and so do many others. don't feel like you need to buy something expensive that you see in a video, if you look carefully around the drugstore you will find those hidden gems that will dupe the expensive ones, no one will notice and at the end of the day you will have money left for a BK!!! :) HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY MY LOVES!!! (P.S. getting blood tests sucks!)
this is what it looks like if any of you are interested!  :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


you know when you first start a blog and you start out with an idea but then your mind comes up with a million more? well, I'm gonna stick to my first one. my blog is gonna be a little of everything but mostly makeup things. maybe with time I will open up more and start talking about personal things, but for now "mostly makeup" it will be. :) now let me clarify, I am in no way a makeup expert like many bloggers or youtubers, I simply watch the tutorials and then try to recreate them with what I have which in most part is drugstore makeup. which is where I explain the idea behind this blog. I will try to recreate popular tutorials on youtube using what I have, basically dupes. I don't own MAC, nor NARS. but I do own Covergirl, Lorea'l, Maybelline, ELF, which in their own right are good. I am in plain words another girls trying to learn high end looks with simple products. hopefully you guys will find this appealing and who knows maybe someday ill get the confidence to put up videos. :)