Sunday, July 24, 2016

Impulse purchase of makeup I dont really need!

So recently I went to Ulta (of course!) And I purchased the matte liquid eye liner from NYX and I have no idea why .... I don't even like liquid eye liner! Lol wait I know why! It was because I saw a YouTuber raving about it and it made me think "Well if they like it I might too!" Completely putting to the side the fact that I have more eye liners than I'll ever need! Point is, YouTubers are great! But the fact that I'm on a budget and still go out of my way things they recommend is not a good strategy! I was also about to purchase the Laura Geller French vanilla highlight for the same reasons and it was like $42 and I don't even wear highlight on a daily basis! I'm oily and it's already hard enough controlling that shine, why would I want to add more?! Lol Good thing I cought myself and put it back.... Makeup is amazing I love it but we buy things we will truly never finish before the expiration date or don't really have a use for.... This time I kinda caught myself I don't know if next time I'll be able to resist the temptation of beautiful brand new makeup! But for now Ulta and Sephora are on my no-go store list! Lol