Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New immigration memorandums

Yes I am an immigrant on the U.S and yes I am afraid.
I am afraid of my future in the country I love.
In the country where I cry when I hear the national anthem being played.
In the country where I love having four seasons.
In the country where I am free to express myself.
In the country where I am not judged by my disability.
In the country that I call home.
In the country where I work hard because my parents taught me that's what we have to do to achieve the American Dream.
In the country where I have all my friends.
The country I'll miss and cry for if I am made to leave it behind....

Made my first Colour Pop purchase

I feel like I'm the last one in this bandwagon but to be honest the way the YouTube's would describe this eye shadow would truly kinda scare me a little cause the way they were describing the consistency was that of a Maybelline color tattoo and I love them but they are truly some what of a base for powder eye shadows or at least that's kinda how I use them so I always ignored the colour Pop craze but today I took the plunge, a $30 plunge to be exact cause that free shipping gets all of us! Lol I'm excited to try it out and see how they work... But I feel like my almost no experience with doing great make up will be a disadvantage with those shadows but I will still try .... I also need to use more vivid colors because I'm truly a neutral eye shadow lover and that limits me a lot so I need to expand my horizons lol
If any one had a great pallet that could help me out in that department I would highly appreciate your input!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Makeup not yet used....

We all buy makeup either by our own choice or by the slight instigation by a YouTuber and then not use it.... I am completely and utterly one of those makeup lovers... I have the ABH Renaissance palette and to this day have not used it.... I also have the lorac pro mega 2 and it's just been slightly swatched lol I know it's a sin! Lmao But life has made it hard for me to have time to be creative and use these colors the way they are supposed to be used... But lately I've been trying to use them more but I just can't find enough time or the right occasion, or to be honest I'm just lazy that day! Lol I wanted to buy the peach palette but I can't see myself using it! I can't be OK with buying new makeup when I have new makeup at home that is not being used, I would just add on to the pile! Lol I will try to get more in the mood more and use those palettes once life slows down a bit because red lipstick does always give me life so I guess I'll start there! Lol

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sorry not sorry

So, I've had to take a break the past couple of months due to many different things some include my health and others have to do with the daily news and how it affects so many people including me.... I am a political person and I lean extremely liberal but I also respect everyone's point of view and beliefs... I cannot sit here and pretend like the last couple of months have been easy because they haven't... Wether you support the new president or not you cannot deny that some of his actions/words have caused many people much concern... I am not innocent and I always knew there were people who didn't like others simply because of religion, country of origin, color, sex, sexuality; but I always thought that it was getting better that not so many still believed that those differances/qualities were "bad" thing... What ever happens next I have hope that things will get better that we will come together all by our selves and not count on the president to do it for us but for us to do it because it's the right thing! I have hope that some people notice how beautiful this country is because of how different we all are....
" And what ever you do, do it with kindness and love..."
                       ~1 Corinthians 16:14-16